Every day very cooooold!!

This is my dog.His name is BURAH.I love him♡
Every day very cold in sapporo.
We go to walk every day.
This morning we went to walk. After a few minutes....He can't walk.
Because his NIKUKYU is very cooooold!!!


I am snowboard instructor.
This ware is snowboard school uniform.
It will stand out on snow!!


This winter,I bought R2.It's patagonia's fleece jacket.
I'm weaning R2 under snowboard wear.
It's very warm♡


I do YOGA practice early in the morning.
Evening,I do practice of snowboarding.
Every day,practice practice practice....
It's time very likes,and I'm very happy!!


See you!! on the mat or on the snow!
Have a nice weekend!!!!

Thank you♡